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We live in a world full of scammers and spammers. Not a day goes by that someone doesn't message me on one of my social networks trying to offer me some type of deal. Understand this... I work for myself, I don't need help. I can care less about a retweet, mention, or share from a popular account. Let's be real, you can't make me famous, nor will I feed into that lie. I write my own music, produce, and engineering it. I pay producers for beat licensing and leases. I make my own graphics and video content so why start outsourcing now? A couple years back I had someone try to finesse me about going on a tour that didn't exist. It's a great thing I do my research before making crucial or impulsive decisions. This post isn't for me to boast nor to knock no ones hustle but you definitely won't scam me. This post is to make everyone aware of these spammers and scammers looking for a quick come up of the back of hard working people. Please do your research when it comes to these types of people and you should be fine. Can't no one turn 500 into 5k just like they can't make you an overnight success. Be mindful of your decisions and keep grinding. - Dre  

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