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Very Productive Week

What's up guys and gals. This week has been very productive. I was featured in HIpHopWeekly for my song "Lows". Here is the link 👉🏽 http://www.hiphopweekly.com/dre-wells-debuts-new-single-lows/ 👈🏽 That's a blessing me and my brother ( @AyeDubbTrey ) made that song in 30 minutes in 2015. That's definitely was confirmation that hard work pays off. I also was able to visit back home to see my newborn niece and see my little brother go off to prom. Expect new music and beats very soon. Make sure to add me on my social sites to get snippets and keep up to date with the process. They're all below in the footer of the website or you can visit 👉🏽 http://ItsMyURLs.com/therealdrewells 👈🏽 and I have all my links posted there in one spot. I appreciate all the love and support I received, thank you all. I'm posting attaching a pic from FB with a hilarious comment from a old battle buddy.  


Also P.C. Is for patrol cap 😂 Much Love -Dre Wells


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