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758 Ent $18 October Sale

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Visit http://www.758ent.com all October and get our gear for just $18. We have all tees, tanks, and hats at that price. For any questions or concerns be sure to message us directly in the on the website or twitter & instagram @758ent

Time is money

Here is a list of fees for any artist or producer interested in working with me musically. Fees are subject to change at any time. - Dre 


  • Leases $30
  • Exclusives $150 - $500



  • 1 Verse $500
  • Chorus $250
  • Both $700


For 👻 writing, mixing, mastering, & promo email me prices may vary.


Terms & Conditions

  • Note none of these services will be rendered without payment 1st.
  • I have a 24-48 hour turnaround service.
  • Everything will be quality produced & recorded.


For inquiries email info@1drewells.com


Positive Vibes Only

Life is full of opportunities. It's up to you to pursue them though. It's plenty of people who've given up on themselves and their dreams. There are those who faced many obstacles even failures at times, but they still kept a positive mindset and spirit. Life is full of lessons and blessings.We all learn from trial and error of ourselves and our peers. Basically what I'm saying is work towards your dreams and be the kings and queens you're destined to be.


New Ep Called Vibes (Click To Listen To A Track)

Whats up everyone. I know this is a short noticed, but I decided to release a 6 track EP on the 23rd. The project will be called "Vibes". It will be available worldwide for streaming and purchasing. The project will be priced at $5.94 for the album or 99¢ for a single. This project really came together under a week. I would like to give a shout-out to J Patterns who produced 5 of the 6 tracks. Below I have attached a track off the project to give you a feel of whats to come. Here is the preorder link https://itun.es/us/cOzUlb 

The 4th of July

Took a week off to get a few things together. You know the motto, "work smarter not harder." Thank you to those that participated in the 758 Ent Summer Sale...you're appreciated. We have more things coming in the near future. We're on the Eve of the 4th of July. I would like to take the time and say to my Uncle Chris and his wife Johnette we love and miss you both. We lost both of them the 4th of 2001 but not a day go by that we don't think of them. The 4th is amongst us I need all you guys and gals to go out and have fun. With that in mind make sure to be safe as well. -Dre

758 Ent Tshirt Sale

First and foremost shout out to all those that actually rock with my music & my brand. You guys are the reason I go so hard. To show appreciate we're doing a $16 sale on all tees and tanks at www.758ent.com this sale will run from June 26th - June 30th. New music on the way! I might drop an EP or a couple singles, however I decide to do it, I'll have it available at half price in my music section. If you haven't checkout the podcast "Mind Full Of Thoughts", it is now available on ITunes & Google Play also hosted here on the site. Make sure to leave comments on my website so that I can interact with you guys. Plus the feedback will help me improve.



We live in a world full of scammers and spammers. Not a day goes by that someone doesn't message me on one of my social networks trying to offer me some type of deal. Understand this... I work for myself, I don't need help. I can care less about a retweet, mention, or share from a popular account. Let's be real, you can't make me famous, nor will I feed into that lie. I write my own music, produce, and engineering it. I pay producers for beat licensing and leases. I make my own graphics and video content so why start outsourcing now? A couple years back I had someone try to finesse me about going on a tour that didn't exist. It's a great thing I do my research before making crucial or impulsive decisions. This post isn't for me to boast nor to knock no ones hustle but you definitely won't scam me. This post is to make everyone aware of these spammers and scammers looking for a quick come up of the back of hard working people. Please do your research when it comes to these types of people and you should be fine. Can't no one turn 500 into 5k just like they can't make you an overnight success. Be mindful of your decisions and keep grinding. - Dre  

New Podcast

Just started up my own Podcast it's called MindFull Of Thoughts. It's currently hosted here on www.1drewells.com and on ITunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/mind-full-of-thoughts/id1246385112?mt=2 . I'll be discussing life, music, gaming, and a wide range of topics with various guest. If you would like to be featured on there or you would like to offer a suggestion about a topic that you would like to see discussed on the podcast please email me at info@1drewells.com. I will personally email you back within 24 hours.

Follow me on Spinrilla @therealdrewells

Hey guys my Spinrilla account is https://www.spinrilla.com/artists/therealdrewells you can download EOD there for free. Be sure to follow me on there and drop a comment or two. I you would like the song "whats it gonna be" shoot me a email and I'll send it your way free of charge of course.  Shout out to those that's been rocking with me since the beginning I have more in store in the near future.

New Song & New Placement

It's a new day, a new opportunity and I'm glad to announce a new single. Just dropped a single called Lonely it's available on all platforms for streaming and purchase. For all my supporters you can get it for free on my SoundCloud 👉🏽 http://www.soundcloud.com/therealdrewells 👈🏽 make sure to follow and drop a like and comment. The song will also be attached to this blog posting below. I'm also excited for the other placement I received from The Hype Magazine they featured my song Looking Down on May 23rd. Here's the link for that 👉🏽 http://www.thehypemagazine.com/2017/05/dre-wells-looking-down-prod-by-_rxmpxge/ 👈🏽 Feeling #blessed guys thank you all for the support and feedback I've been receiving. That's just more of a reason to continue recording and releasing new material from beats to music. I've updated the website a bit as well explore each tab and let me know what you think of it - Dre Wells

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